Dance and drums of TiDiTaDe

Nine spectacular dancers, seven hot drummers, and a truck load of African drums. TiDiTaDe is not your average musical ensemble, it is an experience. Trained and taught by the greatest masters of traditional West African music, TiDiTaDe puts on an unforgettable show of drum, dance and pumping African energy. All the compositions as well as dances performed by TiDiTaDe are taken from and inspired by the West African Tradition. Through rhythm, song & dance, each composition tells a story that is directly linked with a certain part of traditional African life. So, like in Africa, the border between the audience and musicians disappears and all of them are the participants of an amazing cultural axperience ...

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Beach Help Cup 2017 charitativní turnaj v plážovém volejbale smíšených dvojic na podporu poskytovatel? sociálních služeb v Praze. S podporou TiDiTaDe nikdo neprohraje...což je u turnaje možná trochu nepraktické...ale zábava bude!
areál Beach Braník (Za Mlýnem 10, Praha 4 ? Braník)
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