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TiDiTaDe - West African drums and dance

Members of TiDiTaDe


Simona Prokůpková

Simona Prokůpková

Tender lover of animals, esoteric (though she is unsure, what does it mean, but she feels it), all sweet and soft, what is a part of her own dance style.



An inteligent stunner. She has studied different thinks, if you want to delight her, talk to her about Butó. She will talk to you in a witty way, give you a wink by her fascinating eyelashes and then she will run away to the fields scattering flowers around her. (Nowadays she is a TV star, so come to her individually, forward bended, standing in attention, face with servile expression :o)

Klaudia Henžlíková


Delicate nymph with the fire of east Slovakia in her blood masterly intermeshed hot african sun in her heart. She gives her love of african dance to her already dancing five-months-old daughter Julia.



Dancing singer and singing dancer from Labe lowland, she ran as a dryad throught meadows and forests for sure. She loves nature and when she can she runs to the forest.



The grammar shool teacher (a French at present), an university student and a mommy of afro-child Lili.

Marie Forejtová


She dances on the stage and near the cooking stove, but all the time she wears the bag full of optimism ... but only if she does not left it somewhere and if she wouldn't forget where did she leave it.



One of the fastest dancers, you can not to see her only by the human senses, you can only recognize where she is by her speach.



Doctor of human bodies and souls, her laugh is able to keep you, pet you, and make you head funny turned.



Dancer and singer from Guinee.


Ondřej Henžlík


Djembe solo, bass drums
Proud of her newborn teh nicest dancer Julia.
He breaks his continuous geyser of thoughts expressed by amazing amount of words only whe it is necessary (to breath in) and during a time when his speach is not listenable for the continuous sound of his drums :o)
Press spokesperson of the group and a drill director.

Kamil Pavelka


Ballaphone, dance
Kamil is the kindest member of Tiditade, so like him. He is not the nicest of course, that is why beauty dancers are there. He is happy when he play the ballaphone and somebody listen to him (you know how to make him happy now).

Tomáš Novotný - Kuzma


Djembe, bass drums
He likes to know what happens. He must suffer to be a member of TiDiTaDe, because nobody often knows it. Nowadays he tried to look on t from the other side ... of planet Earth. He trains the drummer`s standing possition with the kangaroos.

Tomáš Oplatek

Tomáš Oplatek (keksík)

Djembe solo, basové bubny, balafon
The youngest member of the group. If he is not sitting at the computer, he is sitting at the piano. If he is not sitting at the piano, he is sitting at the ballaphone and if he is not sitting at the ballaphone, he is sitting at the djembe and if he is not sitting at the djembe, he is standing ... at the bass drums.

Honza Koutný


Basové bubny, djembe
IT specialist of the group, he is familiar (and it is more or less common) with zeros, but (and it is alarming) he is familiar with ones!

Marián Pavlík

Marián Pavlík

Djembe, basové bubny, zvonce
Rastaman (now his hair is in gentleman correct form of university student), who is able to make his muscle body of climber man dance in a prairian tornado way. Yes ........ and he is playing drums as well :o)

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